Staying Fresh in The Summer

Tips & Tricks

Summer season is coming up, and you can bet that this year is going to be scorching hot. A lot of us are overwhelmed by the heat, and by midday, we’d look like we’ve been through the Sahara desert. The temperature can easily make our hair messier, and the sweat drains the life out of our skin. You can start the day looking perfect and look like a hot mess after only four hours out in the sun. So how do you stay fresh and look good at the same time during the summer? Here are a few tips on how to look your best under the sun.


Staying hydrated is extremely important. If you don’t consume enough water, you will get easily tired and your skin will suffer too. They will dry up much quicker, and no one likes cracked lips or ashy skin. Try to have a water bottle in your bag and take sips throughout the day. You should be drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. You can also buy or make one of those mineral water mists that you can spray on your face whenever the heat feels too much. This will freshen you up instantly and will also be beneficial to moisturize your skin.

Refreshing shower gels

Showering is the best thing that you will experience during a hot day. It will refresh your body from the heat outside and prepare it for the day. Shower gels also help your body from sweating out smelly odors throughout the day. Look for shower gels that has fresh scents and lasts all day. There are plenty of tutorials for that online. Scents that we recommend are any fruity or flowery scents such as coconut, peach, moringa, and lavender.


When choosing your summer attire, it is usually not that hard. However, people tend to go for looking hot as in sexy as oppose to feeling comfortable. Those tight shorts won’t feel so good when it’s drenched in groin sweat. We recommend looking for clothes that aren’t too tightening as they will be very uncomfortable under the heat. Go for loose, thin shirts and tank tops. Cotton materials or any material that helps with the sweat should work well. For girls, we recommend wearing skirts or sleeveless dresses to allow air between the legs so you won’t end up with a chub rub.