What Is a Self-Threading Serger and Its Benefits

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The self-threading serger is a relatively new innovation in sewing technology also known as air jet threading. It works fast and automatically by threading the machine from the threading holes to the loopers. The machine is controlled by an electric motor that surges the air to allow automated threading. 

There are numerous models and types of self-threading machines in the market right now fulfilling the same purposes. Justcraftingaround features a review of the best sergers in the market and you can check them out to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Let’s look at the benefits of these machines in making your sewing more fun, faster, and interesting. 

Strong Durable Stitches

It is every sewer’s dream to make secure and durable stitches. A running stitch is frustrating and looks untidy. The self-threading serger is here to make your dream come true. This machine produces can produce as many threads as you may need. It makes strong stitches that do not easily fray to last for years. The stitches can be as little as two or as many as eight and the serger can use them all to make strong stitches using the multiple threads. 

Makes Working Faster

a self-threeading serger makes work easierThe modern serger works three times faster than your sewing machine. This puts you at an advantage as you can use multiple threads and achieve the results within a shorter period. In the beginning, you will need to take some time after enough practice and learning to use the serger. However, once you learn to operate you’ll achieve what would have required you hours in less than half an hour. 

Gives Your Stitches a Professional Look

This has got to be the best feature of them all. No sewer wants their stitches looking all untidy and shouting I’m a learner. The serger has you sorted on this it gives professional results with clean-finished seams, hems, and neat sleeves. 

Can Perform Numerous Tasks Simultaneously

The serger machines come with upper and lower blades for cutting which start to function the minute you push the pedal with your feet. These blades enable the serger to trim seam allowances along the way as you sew. The blades are retractable in case you are working on a design that does not need trimming. 

Ideal for Stretch Fabrics

When doing seams on stretchy fabrics on an average sewing machine can be tricky and the seams may look amateurish. The self-threading serger has a specially designed overlock that enables it to give smooth stitches on all types of fabric including swimsuits, yoga pants, or any other kind of stretch fabrics.