How to Detect the Best Product for Your Hair Loss

Hair / Thursday, December 5th, 2019

While it is normal for women to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, not doing anything drastic to lower the hair loss may lead to apparent thinning of your hair in due time. When there is regular hair loss, hair growth should be hastened so that there will be a replacement for the hair that has been lost. This will prevent the formation of ugly areas in your scalp, which are devoid of hair.

Various products are available in the market today that promise solutions to hair loss. But sad to say, most may not actually help you with your problem. Many women must have tried buying products that promised hair growth within a week or two. But if you are to think again, that may be very illogical if you know that the average hair growth per day is half a millimeter or half an inch per month.

If you should choose a product that is not a scam, select something that does not immensely deviate from facts. Out-of-this-world products are only for customers who are out of their minds. Here are some tips that will help you detect a dependable product that can help you with your hair loss problem.


Inspect the Ingredients


The potency of drugs or any product that treats or cures comes from the ingredients. When inspecting a product for hair loss. Biotin and zinc should be found on its label together with Vit. A, C, B, and E. These vitamins all help in hair growth, and deficiency on each one of them can cause hair loss.

The role of biotin or Vit. B7 is important as it aids in the transport of nutrients to the scalp, which will make our hair healthier. Zinc, on the other hand, helps in hair tissue repair while keeping the oils glands around hair follicles healthy.

Know the Side Effects

There will be no significant harmful side effects if the ingredients used are natural products, and when you take them according to prescribed dosages. If there are side effects, there must be some synthetic ingredients on them.


Weigh Their Promises

As said, the average hair growth in humans is half an inch per month. That means that you may even notice that your hair has thickened in one month’s time. If you have a product that says your hair loss problem will be solved in one week or your hair will thicken in two weeks, you can judge that the product is a scam.

You have all the means to save your money from buying fake hair products. You should consider hearing from credible reviews, like Gabriela Kania’s Folexin Review, to be empowered about various hair products that can help you with your hair loss problems.